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Apache Tech AT600 LED Grow Lights
Apache Tech AT600 LED Grow Lights
Apache Tech AT600 LED Grow Lights
Apache Tech AT600 LED Grow Lights
Apache Tech AT600 LED Grow Lights
Apache Tech AT600 LED Grow Lights
Apache Tech AT600 LED Grow Lights

Apache Tech AT600 LED Grow Lights

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    Why Buy From Holyponics


    The AT600- 740 watt LED grow light by Apache Tech is designed to grow plants in controlled/closed environments at home, in a greenhouse, or in a lab. The unit comes in two styles: AT600 [Classic Style (See photo)] and AT600L [Greenhouse Row Style]. The AT600L is longer and narrower than the AT600 and is designed to fit underneath an I-beam, limiting the amount of blocked sunlight. These powerful lamps will replace a 1000 watt HID system in a greenhouse environment. 

    The AT600 delivers more PAR for its wattage than any other light. Used by NASA and Stanford University. This is the highest quality LED grow light on the market!

    The AT600 produces a stunning light output with a low heat signature, and uses 80% less energy than HID lighting. The LEDs are cooled by a thick, finned aluminum heatsink and are guaranteed to last 50,000 hours. Durable and patented, acrylic lenses direct light at 14 degrees or 50 degrees (depending on option), concentrating growth-inducing PAR where you need it most --- on your plants!

    The internal parts are housed in a durable aluminum housing. The size of the AT600 makes it the perfect LED grow light for a small or large sized grow. Use many of these units together to cover a larger home-grow or commercial/research greenhouse.

    While using an AT600, your ROI is accomplished in about one and a half years. You also benefit from not having to replace your lighting every two years like a HID setup. You will even save money by utilizing LED technology and heating your greenhouse with a gas driven heating system, rather than using HID lamps to grow and produce heat.

    Apache Tech designs serious LED grow lights for the serious grower. Made in the USA.

    Superior light quality and quantity for growing plants in our greenhouses.” -Dave Wilson, Stanford University

    Ideal light source for our crop growth facility at NASA/Ames Research Center. I will never go back to HID lighting.” -Greg Schlick, NASA/ARC

      Need help choosing a spectrum and angle option?

      • White: The color rendering index (CRI) is similar to Metal Halide lamps and therefore is perfect for aiding vegetative growth in plants.
      • Red and Blue: The 4:1 ratio of red to blue is perfect for full cycle grows, stimulating superior production for multiple crops, increasing yields, and inducing flowering. 
      • White and Red: The 3:2 ratio or 4:1 ratio of white to red mimics an HPS spectrum and is perfect for inducing flowering, but can be used for vegetative growth as well.


      • White/Red 3:2 for medicinal crops
      • White/Red 4:1 for tomatoes and peppers, etc.
      Lens Angle
      • 14 degrees for narrow focused light.
      • Blend of 14 and 50 degree lenses for optimal light spread over the canopy.
      • 30 degrees for optimal light spread over the canopy.
      • 50 degree lenses when the light is closer than 20" above the canopy.


      Model/SKU: AT600 (All spectrums)- 740 watt/at600 or at600L

      Power output: 740 watts

      HID equivalent: >1000 watts

      LEDs: 480 x 3 watt High-Output LEDs; 50,000 hour lifespan (10+ years if LED lights are on 57% of the time)


         White Option- Full Spectrum White (6100K); Best for germination, cloning, vegetative growth; Metal Halide replacement; CRI: 73.5

         Red and Blue Option- Blue peak at 470nm; Red peak at 630nm; for vegetative growth and flowering

         White and Red Option- Full Spectrum White (6100K), Red peak at 630nm; for germination, cloning, vegetative growth, and flowering

      Lens angle: Patented 14 degree or 50 degree lenses (indicate above)

      PAR: Classic Style and Greenhouse Row Style- 2560umol at 12''; 1610umol at 24''; 1110umol at 36''; 31.27 PAR/watt

      Coverage area: 25 sq ft (60'' x 60'') for Classic Style; 18 sq ft (36'' x 72'')

      Thermal management: Thick, finned aluminum heat sinks; Cooling fans

      Daisy chain: No


         Classic Style- 29.0" x 24.0" x 5.0" 

         Greenhouse Row Style- 48.0'' x 13.5'' x 5.0''

      Operating temperature: Avoid extreme ambient heat

      Operating/input voltage: 120v-240v AC; 6.4A at 120v

      Product weight: 57.0 lbs

      Recommended height above plants: 30''-36''

      Additional details: Plug-and-Play; CE, RoHS, UL certificates

      Product includes: Power cord with 3 prongs

      Recommended for: Greenhouses, plant research, commercial growing; Hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems; Indoor farming or gardening

      Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 year 


      NASA Testing Plant Growth with the AT120