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STM Canna RocketBox 2.0 Pre-Roll Cone Filling Machine
STM Canna RocketBox 2.0 Pre-Roll Cone Filling Machine
STM Canna RocketBox 2.0 Pre-Roll Cone Filling Machine
STM Canna RocketBox 2.0 Pre-Roll Cone Filling Machine
STM Canna RocketBox 2.0 Pre-Roll Cone Filling Machine
STM Canna RocketBox 2.0 Pre-Roll Cone Filling Machine
STM Canna RocketBox 2.0 Pre-Roll Cone Filling Machine
STM Canna RocketBox 2.0 Pre-Roll Cone Filling Machine
STM Canna RocketBox 2.0 Pre-Roll Cone Filling Machine
STM Canna RocketBox 2.0 Pre-Roll Cone Filling Machine

STM Canna RocketBox 2.0 Pre-Roll Cone Filling Machine

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    Why Buy From Holyponics


    Increase efficiency at your dispensary or commercial grow facility with the STM Canna RocketBox 2.0

    The STM Canna Rocketbox is one of the most efficient ways to mass-produce pre-rolled cones. It is the world’s most advanced commercial pre-roll machine, producing over 453 pre-rolled cones in about a 3-minute cycle.

    Designed to maximize pre-rolled joint production while significantly decreasing labor costs, the RocketBox 2.0 is the pinnacle of pre-rolled cone machines.

    Features & Benefits of the STM RocketBox 2.0

    • 453 Pre-Rolled Joints Per Cycle
    • Compatible with 84, 98 and 109 MM Cones
    • Proprietary Smart Density Software to Measure & Achieve Weight Accuracy
    • Variable Frequencies of Vibrations for Even Filling & Packing
    • Built-In Training Mode with Tutorials
    • Precise, Consistent and Repeatable Results
    • 6x to 7x's Faster, Decreases Labor for All Size Operations
    • Durable for Long-Term Commercial Use
    • Easy On-Boarding and/or Training After Turnover
    • Density Calculator for Scientifically Accurate Weights
    • Up to 25,000 Joints Daily (grow, scale & co-pack)
    • Attachment-Capable (Sifter Launching 2020-2021)

    What comes in the box?

    • STM RocketBox 2.0 Pre-Roll Machine
    • Bottom Tray
    • Top Tray
    • Loading Box
    • Finishing Base
    • 1-Year Parts and Labor Warranty
    OSHA / Warranty Icons

    Daily Output Upgrades

    The RocketBox 2.0 base package includes all accessories to produce up to 4,000 pre-rolls daily, in one tray size of your choice (84, 98, 109 mm). To produce higher daily volumes and/or multiple cone sizes, additional accessories or upgrade packages are recommended.

    These upgrades will increase your daily pre-roll count

    • Package A - Up to 5,000 pre-rolls daily
    • Package B - Up to 7,500 pre-rolls daily
    • Package C - Up to 12,000 pre-rolls daily
    • Package D - Up to 20,000 pre-rolls daily
    • Package E - Up to 25,000 pre-rolls daily

    These options are listed at the top, if you have any questions regarding these upgrades, please give us a call and let one of our awesome sales reps answer your questions

    Why use the RocketBox 2.0?



    For start-ups to global enterprises, the RocketBox produces up to 25,000 pre-rolls per day and is the all-in-one asset that can grow and scale with your business. With quicker cycles, you can decrease labor costs, meet demands, and accept new or larger contracts, all while increasing profit margins and ROI.



    Featuring smart density software and 3 fully adjustable settings across a 7" integrated touch screen, the RocketBox 2.0 is the most advanced pre-rolled cone filling machine on the market. Your team can produce thousands of high quality, evenly packed pre-rolls each day.



    Enable your team to learn from the experts and get dialed-in quickly with step-by-step tutorials in training mode and exclusive access to the STM Client Portal. In an industry ripe with turnover, on-boarding employees has never been more economical.

    How the RocketBox 2.0 works

    The STM RocketBox utilizes patent-pending PLS technology that allows you to control the transmission and intensity of the vibrations that fill and pack your pre-rolls. By concentrating these vibration frequencies in the bottom [cone holding] tray, you can adjust how your material moves and packs into each cone for ultimate control of your product. Versus shaking and tapping to pack, this method vibrates the material itself, allowing it to fill into the cone evenly, layer-by-layer - avoiding air pockets, weak necks and other inconsistencies.

    Eliminate the guesswork with the RocketBox 2.0. To begin with a new material type, select your cone paper size, desired weight, and variance on the start-up screen. STM's density software will provide you with a target material density in order to achieve the highest success rate based on your selected parameters. Next, the program will prompt you to enter your measured density and populate a pass or fail icon. If your density is too high or low, instructions are provided. If your density passes, you may move onto the last screen to set your operational settings (shaker speed, PLS pressure and cycle time) and start producing! You may return to the main screen when you are ready to use new material.

    With limited customization options, competitors joints often require tedious manual work post-cycle (hand-packing, tamping, etc.) prior to entering the closing stage. Alongside 51% faster output than its closest competitor, the RocketBox allows the operator to customize each cycle in order to accommodate different material types, reduce manual fixes and speed up the closing process.

    What separates the RocketBox 2.0 from the RocketBox OG?

    RocketBox 2.0 vs Original

    What cones are compatible with the RocketBox 2.0?

    Compatible Cones

    Slim, Reefer and other specialty cones are commonly incompatible. Paper compatibility may vary based on brand and other underlying factors, therefore, results are not guaranteed.

    84 MM Bottom Tray

    Standard Half Gram

    .5g | '1¼'

    Total Length: 84 mm

    Filter Size: 26 mm - 50 mm

    Opening Diameter: 10.5 mm +/-

    98 MM Bottom Tray

    Variable Standard

    .75g | '98 MM'

    (No Reg/Slim/Reefer)

    Total Length: 98 mm

    Filter Size: 24 mm - 26 mm

    Opening Diameter: 10-11 mm +/-

    109 MM Bottom Tray

    Standard One Gram

    1g | 'King Size'

    (No Reg/Slim/Reefer)

    Total Length: 109 mm

    Filter Size: 26 mm

    Opening Diameter: 12.65 mm +/-